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Reviews - Paid advertising viewing system - Scammers.

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Translation specifically for the English-speaking audience) do not judge, everything was translated using the Google translator. In this thread, we'll talk about serial scammers who have already created almost 2000 sites. This time, scammers created 20 sites about which I will talk later. All of them are clone of one site and do not differ from each other. All sites of scammers are called so - Paid advertising viewing system. But they have one more name, so be careful - Viewing payed advertising sites. They promise to pay big money, but in the end they do not pay anything. After you get to the minimum amount of payment - you will be required to invite your partners to their site. And this will continue indefinitely - you invited a certain number of people, but scammers will again ask to do it.


List of fraudulent sites:


1. lpgmoney.club
2. usamoney.club
3. entmoney.club
4. intmoney.club
5. stepmoney.club
6. stmoney.club
7. billmoney.club
8. avtmoney.club
9. clickmoney.site
10. advewmoney.club
11. billmoney.site
12. commoney.site
13. debmoney.club
14. enmoney.club
15. commoney.club
16. maxmoney.club
17. memoney.club
18. satmoney.site
19. itmoney.site
20. clubmoney.club

21. binmoney.club
22. opmoney.club
23. wsmoney.club
24. zetmoney.club
25. lovemoney.xyz
26. qsmoney.club
27. rbmoney.club
28. repmoney.club
29. restmoney.club
30. dhmoney.club
31. havemoney.club
32. hdmoney.club
33. jetmoney.club
34. kmoney.club
35. rezmoney.club
36. speedmoney.club
37. vsmoney.club
38. wallmoney.club
39. wrmoney.club
40. onlymoney.club

41. ostmoney.win
42. almoney.win
43. bsmoney.fun
44. tormoney.win
45. tormoney.xyz
46. awemoney.club
47. bavmoney.club
48. almoney.site
49. limoney.fun
50. ostmoney.fun
51. ostmoney.site
52. bermoney.club
53. lomoney.win
54. ostmoney.club
55. limmoney.xyz
56. limoney.win
57. ostmoney.xyz
58. tomoney.fun
59. tormoney.fun
60. tormoney.club
61. almoney.fun
62. lomoney.fun


2017-10-02 12_19_10-2017-10-02 12_18_52-Viewing payed advertising sites advewmoney.club - Welcome!.png


All reviews on the site are fake and were written by the hand of the scammers themselves! Sites only a few days, and the news begins in the middle of the year. I do not advise even to register on such scams! Leave your feedback about these sites.

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