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Germany Gambling-Casino leads 2023

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I'm selling German Gambling-Casino leads 2023 (50 K Records)

File Format : CSV

Records contain: id, account_status, account_type, address, birthday, casino_virtual_money, cell_phone, city, cookie_id, country_id, currency_id, email_verified, expert_level, fname, gender, kyc_status, last_login_at, lname, locale, member_level_id, member_onetap_account, member_onetap_token, member_status, money, phone, phone_verified, register_hash, register_ip, security_answer, security_question, sport_view, sport_virtual_money, system_member_source, token, zipcode, other


Price : $200

Payment: BTC and other Crypto

Middleman Accepted

Contact -> TG: https://t.co/eS5BC3lnNH

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