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Hello everyone, If you're interested in joining the https://titaproject.io/ project, it's a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision:  

Food prices are soaring and there is a lot of struggles with getting the right price for the commodity. IF you have a product then you should be checking the layers of production. Like manufacturing, packaging, the consumer should get the product in right time. Which never happens with the traditional system, people are struggling to make money and it’s always loss for the seller. How can this problem be solved? There is no right technology being used and cash settlement never happens on time, this in turn affects the production and degrades the economy of a country.

There should be a master place something like TITA project which can solve the cash settlement problem and this is completely decentralized platform meaning no one owns this platform. There is not much struggle to get your money back when you are using the ethereum block-chain. Smart contracts are powerful and make the work possible on its own. Imagine if you can connect the crypto world and the commodities world, then it’s going to be super easy. You can trade from anywhere and you can a be farmer or manufacturer or supplier or trader, you get the right price.

This is a peer to peer marketplace and as well as exchange. I have never come across an idea like this before which combines the power of both worlds (Crypto and Commodity) and it’s the future. This is a utility token which the value rises in price over time and right now it’s around 0.1 cents based on ERC20 platform and you need to send ethereum to get this token, make sure to use my etherwallet or meta mask wallet.

This project would help connecting more people and knowledge about the commodity trading. Check out their team and


more information from the website

Website - https://titaproject.io/

Whitepaper - https://titaproject.io/whitePaper.pdf

My Bitcointalk profile link - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1182404  


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