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in this articel I will explain a little about BITTECH as far as I know The company has been developing miners and providing affordable global services since 2017. In the first quarter of 2018, the team released Bittech One miners after investing more than $ 2 million. ICO Bittech will help present its mission to the global marketplace and find new partners and customers. to my knowledge you as an Investor may also use their tokens purchased for the following purposes:

  • purchase of Bittech One miners (and other future models) at a discount
  • purchase service contracts with discounts
  • purchase of Bittech Big One mobile DPC
here you do not have to worry about BITTECH, because Bittech has opened a major cryptocurrency data processing center (DPC) in the following countries: Iceland, Estonia, Canada, and Russia. Each DPC is a professionally managed platform for Bittech One miner which includes a 14 nm chip. Each DPC is a legal platform for cryptocurrency mining. for your convenience BITTECH Company has tried its best to develop the infrastructure and technology that make the mining process as simple and as easy as possible. you as a voter company will get an extensive service with the best quality.


how the idea behind Bittech?

according to what I know and I read this Bittech, make modern miners, management take on existing trends and problems from cryptocommunity and miners especially into account. which is This is
how the idea emerged, which subsequently developed into a separate building activity some cryptocurrency data centers whose production capacity will be used for hosted branded miners and also leased to you as a customer for installation purchased miner Bittech. other than that the Service is named Contract Service. With usage Service Contract, you do not have to worry about the best search infrastructure, services, transportation, and of course any legal issues involved hosting cryptominer.

why you should use BITTECH (BTECH)?

here I will write some reasons you need to know more about BITTECH (BTECH):

  • Mining is an activity whose purpose is to maintain a distributed platform and manufacture a new block with the opportunity to get a gift of a new unit and commission costs in various cryptocurrencies, in particular, bitcoin. need calculations for the same unit expenditure protection, and the rewards encourage people to spend their computing power and support network operation.
  • BITTECH (BTECH) token is a digital asset that grants you as the holder, the right to buy a new generation of BITTECH miners built in modern 10-14nm chips.
  • Bittech One 14 nm miners are unmatched miners in its class, with mining SHA 256 algorithm, 28th capacity and low consumption only 2,200 W. Available for retail since May 2018.
  • The BITTECH project is a fully decentralized open cycle system for development, introduction, production and innovative mining control equipment built on Bt0 ** chips with unique energy efficiency and performance.


about features

some of the features I know of BITTECH are as follows:
  • The BT0014 14nm chip has been developed for the SHA-256 algorithm, which is performance and energy efficiency increase of 20-25% compared chip 16nm competitors;
  • The 10nm BT0010a chip has been developed as a SHA-256 algorithm, with chipsperformance increased by 7% compared to Bt0014;
  • The 10nm BT0010La chip has been developed as a Scrypt algorithm, which is performance 15-20% higher than competitors, and energy efficiency increased by 5-7%;
  • Production series BITTECH One miner for SHA-256 algorithm Chip BT0014 is launched, with a capacity of 28Th / s, and consumption only 2,200 W;
  • BITTECH One S miner prototype for SHA-256 algorithm on BT0010a chip launched, with a capacity of 36Th / s and consumption of only 2,800W;
  • Construction of the establishment of a data center in Russia, Irkutsk region, with a total capacity of 21MW begins.

speculation token 

here I write speculations from BTECH tokens that I know Token BTECH is a digital asset of a system recorded in the ERC20 format on the open-source Etherealum blockchain. Unique, Only BTECH tokens can exchanged with Bittech series miners and special purchase of this service contract for hosting miners purchased at Bittech data centers.

The purpose of BTECH problem is to raise funds in Project is equal to USD 100,000,000.

Only 100,000,000 BTECH will be published (1 token = $ 1). The buyback tokens are probably through their exchange miners / services.

for more information I provide some links below

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