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In the present decade money is the most vital element in our life. Actually, money invents many centuries ago for the better trading and exchange service and goods. Day by day money or currency increases its tangible visibility. In the present day, currency is evolved in the digital virtual currency system as Cryptocurrency. The Cryptocurrency system is more efficient and reliable currency system all over the world because of it virtual, smart and secure currency system facility. SunxCoin presents a new efficient Cryptocurrency exchanger facility system. They develop this platform with the Blockchain technology system to provide the decentralized service facility over the Cryptocurrency exchanger operation. This is a unique platform because they develop this operation as provide real-time base facility and security. Platform develops and presents a completely new platform for the exchanger operations along with the Cryptocurrency system. They provide the opportunity to the people as they can develop and create their own crypto exchanger platform for the better exchange operations. On the other hand, this platform allows all the Initial Coin Offering (IC O) community and the crypto community’s people to create their own exchanger by a few clicks. For more information, you can visit their w, website the following links, https://sunxcoin.com/





SunxCoin develops this p, platform along with the Blockchain platform to provide the decentralized operations. This complete network, based platform so it may need to support the decentralizations option. Blockchain technology provides collaborate with the Cryptocurrency system to maximize the service over the exchanger platform. In this platform occur huge amount of transactions so they need a safe and secure medium, which is provided by the Blockchain technology. This offer the people as they can create own exchanger and develop own domain so this platform has to consist of the Blockchain technology, system. By the Blockchain technology, crypto exchanger becomes secure and fast. On the other hand this exchanger has some operational departments such as marketing, financial, operation on, admin, Human Resource Management (HRM), developments, technical, management; all the departments are synchronized and collaborate by the Blockchain technology to make a secure, efficient and reliable platform for the crypto exchanger facility system. On the other hand Blockchain technology becomes a decentralized system with o it provides a major impact on the crypto exchanger. By the decentralization crypto ex, changer becomes spread everywhere and every people can get this opportunity for the crypto exchange facility system. For more information, you can visit their website the following links, https://sunxcoin.com/




SunxCoin develops this platform to provide own website and the Cryptocurrency exchanger to the people as people can do more than their life. The biggest exchanger network system provides the most secure and furnished database system for the better service. As a result, people can trade a huge amount of tread over the Cryptocurrency area. By this platform facility, users can get full opportunity to make and maintain the app to provide the functional trading facility on the crypto exchanger. On the other hand by the crypto exchanger, people can earn extra benefit from joining other people on this platform. This platform has another mission is reducing the transactions fee over the exchange time. They try to develop the maximum experience of the trading facility by the exchanger and the own website platform. They develop this platform to provide the real-time base crypto exchange facility system as a result people can exchange the Cryptocurrency one part of the world to another part. Their major mission to reduce the exchange transaction cost as well as time-consuming operations. For the better performance, they develop the smart contract system and also smart wallet system to provide the efficient service over the crypto exchange operations. Cryptocurrency system is more popular than a FIAT currency system so that people are most likely to use the Cryptocurrency. For better and swift Crypto exchange and trading this platform design and develop this unique and automatic platform, where people can exchange and trade their Cryptocurrency with the token and make better benefits. This wallet system provides you with the immediate and necessary withdraw facility anywhere in the world. on the other hand, this platform enhances by the decentralized system to provide all the operation are decentralized and make sure all people can use it. For more information, you can visit their website the following links, https://sunxcoin.com/



SunxCoin presents a new platform over the virtual digital currency exchange facility system. They develop this platform with the Blockchain technology to provide the decentralized service facility. All the system collaborates with the high-security system over the crypto exchange operation system. For more information, you can read their white paper the following links, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uK4cjCEhpvM2uYrZP0jFvsluWdqgn3Xb/view


If you want to know more about SunxCoin please click the following links,


• Company Website: https://sunxcoin.com/
• Whitepaper Link: https://sunxcoin.com/#whitepaper
• Telegram Group: https://t.me/sunxcoinico
• Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialSunx/
• Twitter Pages: https://twitter.com/SunXchang/
• Medium Blog Link: https://medium.com/SunXchang/
• Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNxk6sXlj6TNCQXVitPmv3Q
• Reddit Link: https://old.reddit.com/r/SUNX/

My Bitcointalk profile link - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1182404  

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