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"DAFZO" to issue the logistics industry with permanent technology


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Logistics industry has a vast and wide magnitude in terms of volume, employment. From the
movement of goods from wheels to by aircraft, the sea has gone through the major changes
and the developments which made the life easy with the increase in speed of delivery,
affordable pricing and much more.
Trade is one of the eldest and the important business vertical. From long distance trading, our economies were established which allowed modern civilization to thrive. The first mode of payment is on the barter system i.e. exchange of good A in favor of the good B. After the barter system, fiat coin system was evolved and then the latest financial instruments were involved and used. It shows the evolvement of the payment system as the time period and as the payment system is evolved same the mode of transportation has also evolved from wheel cart to the trucks, planes and vessels which has led to the increase in the delivery speed and
reduction in the movement cost.
Irrespective of all these developments and innovations, Logistics Industry is one of the most
backward and sluggish industry in terms of the innovation. The information industry has
almost disrupted every sector and industry but it didn’t create an impact on the logistics
industry. Globalization has set and opened new ways of interaction, trading among countries
but still, the logistics industry is as same as, as it used to be before 100 years.
But, the one of the most innovative invention after the internet which is Blockchain has raised once again all the hopes for the logistics industry and it’s expected that the implementation of Blockchain in the logistics industry will not help it it’s in survival but also will take it to the next level.The Blockchain is expected to solve the all the existing problems of the logistics industry.
Blockchain has the power to disrupt the logistics industry in the same manner as internet disrupted the news space and e-mail disrupted the mailbox and traditional postal service. Dafzo aims to help the logistics industry in its revival and adds values in creating the logistics industry efficient and innovative.

Dafzo, Global Logistics Aggregator is the first P2P, a decentralized next-generation open source platform using Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence. Dafzo is an improved version of the open source platform and limitless financing for international trade, the electronic market, which includes a crypto currency gateway, mobile wallet for mobile applications, and a decentralized record system. In parallel, Dafzo launches smart contracts based on Ethereum, as well as a commercial Utility token on the network to address security, fraud and smuggling issues and effectively tracks deliveries for all transactions based on logistics.

Dafzo uses Blockchain technology to revolutionize and democratize the financing of international trade, the global logistics system of electronic commerce and freight forwarding by eliminating modern intermediaries (including the bank) and geographic barriers in the market. The decentralized Dafzo system results in significantly lower ecosystem costs for small logistics companies, provides safer technology and reliability, and eliminates the entire supply chain.


Dafzo - this platform, based on Blockchain Ethereum technologies, uses intelligent contracts to provide decentralized services to small logistics companies around the world. Dafzo without exaggeration can safely enter the top ico best projects of the current year.


The services provided by this platform will be directed to a wide range of global logistics finance, sales and related issues. Free insurance will prevent fraud in this area and will be provided to users through smart contracts. In addition, smart contracts will be used to provide users with a secure payment system.



What is International Trade Finance?

International Trade Finance signifies the transaction between the importer and exporter, including intermediaries such as banks, legal house etc.to facilitate the cross-border sales transaction.

Dafzo Token Use

For those who join and want to know more satisfying information, complete and more clearly visit the link below !!!! ....


Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1530135

Ethereum : 0xC12c4ce6f433C2b39494aE9460055E76D828e34c

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