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Good evening dear subscribers! With the advent of the Blockchain, people got a new huge opportunities, such as decentralized payment system, shopping areas etc. Many of the ideas have already found their application, and some waiting in the wings.
The current system of sales of goods has a too negative impact on the cost, and as a result of its price. The use of Blockchain can help sellers overcome traditional market barriers. It also ensures timely settlement, accelerates capital allocation, reduces the cost of selling goods and ensures the reliability of collateral.

Today I will talk about the universal trading platform TITA PROJECT. It is designed to bring together manufacturers of goods, logistics companies, sellers, buyers, etc. The network will be based on Blockchain and Smart contracts technology. Its goal is to create an effective supply network for goods, raw materials and services, while reducing risks through diversification and providing expanded financing for producers. Creating a unique space for our users, creating multifunctional platforms, the project team makes it possible to connect manufacturers, service providers and consumers, simplify trade and provide them with access to a wide range of services.

Two platforms will be implemented on the platform:
TITA Center. It is a Decentralized network-an e-Commerce market where raw materials and finished products intersect with producers, consumers, sellers, suppliers and other trade participants. Blockchain and Smart contracts will ensure transparency of trade relations, as well as the quality of goods and services. The work scheme of the TITA Center is shown in the figure below.

Operation scheme of TITA Center

TITA Excepte. The platform will have its own decentralized exchange, which will ensure the reliability of trading services with their connection to various world trading platforms in real time. This will ensure the best price and convenience of trading on futures contracts. The use of robotic API is implemented for automatic and semi-automatic trading operations for users.

The facility will be running an internal bitcoin token of TTN. It will be used for internal transactions. The token is built on the Protocol ERC20 from Ethereum. To purchase them possibly from 27 July at a price of 0.1$ per coin.
I must say, the TITA has occupied a popular niche. Trade is the most suitable area of application of the Blockchain. Now there are many attempts to create trading platforms of various types. But I must say that this area of application will ensure the success of the Blockchain implementation.

Below I give references to of.the site and the technical document of the project:
Of.the website https://titaproject.io/
Those.document https://titaproject.io/whitePaper.pdf

Bitcointalk profile:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1530135




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