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What is Cryptov8


Cryptov8 is a new hope for all Blockchain technology users. This project will create a bank that will utilize Blockchain technology, with this Cryptov8 will be a bridge between Cryptobanking with Products, and traditional banking services. With Cryptov8 this will increase global adoption and use of cryptocurrency. the planned creation of this technology-blockchain bank will take place in the UK.Cryptov8 will be a full-service retail bank, the team will serve all ritel and UKM customers in a friendly way. This bank is founded by English regulate which is provided to serve Mortgages, loans, savings, and Giro. This project has superior superiority to existing projects, the team realizing the project aims to streamline the challenges often encountered by customers with the existence of this bank will expand the scope of adoption of cryptocurrency globally.
Cryptov8 Technology

Currently, referral programs have been widely used in various projects, especially in terms of exchange cryptocurrency and Blockchain. For that reason, cryptov8 considers the need for cooperation with a number of organizations to find the best service and value solutions for all cryptov8 customers. Therefore open banking and the use of Applications and APIs will form a key aspect of the overall solution built by Cryptov8.




Q3 2016
FCA approve a consumer credit license enabling us to provide personal loans and issue credit cards as well as carry out other consumer credit activities.
Q2 2017
Technology evaluation starts, full list of technology vendors considered. Application process for full banking licence begins.
Q3 2017
Extensive market research completed to identify consumer preferences, market trends and competitor offerings.
Q1 2018
Regulatory Pre-Application Process. Generation of Regulatory Business Plan.
Q3 2018
Banking platform vendor selected. Full banking licence application submitted to the Prudential Regulatory Authority
Q1 2019
Full banking licence Authorisation with Restriction granted. Crypto Wallet/Account Launch
Q3 2019
Full Banking Licence (without Restriction) granted. Banking Services Launch. Phase 1 to include: • Current Account • Savings • Unsecured Loan • Business Lending
Q2 2020
Crypto Account Services Expansion • Cryptomotiv8 (final features) • CryptoG8 (own FIAT gateway/exchange)
for more information detail:
My Bitcointalk Username: Atorise
My Bitcointalk Profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1556338
Euthereum Wallet Address:0xf965Dba274143a294c045fF15CaD1cB1D1DE4d77

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