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Старт 20 сентября 2016 года.


О программе:


BTC Business Investment invest in the vast Natural Gas field in the world, we also trade forex making profit for individual, and we are also full of potential for the aspiring business. We are proud to say that, despite the instability in the global economy since 2008, BTC Business Investment remains focused on achieving long-term strategic targets and objectives. We have done so, confident in the knowledge that the success of investments in the energy industry is measured over decades.


Инвестиционные планы:


101% - 120% after 1 day

185% - 200% after 3 days

330% - 350% after 3 days

Min-max spend: 1$-20000$

Платежные системы:


Bitcoin, Perfect Money


Языковые версии сайта:


Сайт на русском и английском языке


Возможности связи с поддержкой проекта:


Форма поддержки на сайте.



Реферальная система:




Данные whois:


Domain Registration Date:                   2016-06-09T08:08:14.00Z 

Domain Expiration Date:                      2017-06-09T15:08:00.00Z







IP Address - 91 other sites hosted on this server

IP Location United States - Arizona - Phoenix - Cloudflare Inc.

ASN United States AS13335 CLOUDFLARENET - CloudFlare, Inc., US (registered Jul 14, 2010)



Common name: sni101791.cloudflaressl.com

SANs: sni101791.cloudflaressl.com, *.agora-inv.com, *.btcbusines.com, *.cvmestudios.com, *.dulexoffshore.com, *.dumaxcalog.com, *.e-currencychanger.com, *.goatravelguru.com, *.goexchanger.com, *.mitnsnl.com, *.mundosafetrans.com, *.rehosamint.com, *.rickeytel.com, *.surexescrow.com, *.thezfactor.com, agora-inv.com, btcbusines.com, cvmestudios.com, dulexoffshore.com, dumaxcalog.com, e-currencychanger.com, goatravelguru.com, goexchanger.com, mitnsnl.com, mundosafetrans.com, rehosamint.com, rickeytel.com, surexescrow.com, thezfactor.com

Valid from July 2, 2016 to January 8, 2017

Serial Number: a77d63cf044649859df449bbf1aae088

Signature Algorithm: ecdsa-with-SHA256

Issuer: COMODO ECC Domain Validation Secure Server CA 2




Мой вклад:


Pay system :  PerfectMoney


Date:     09/20/2016 18:35

Batch:    147222996

From:     U12245869

To:       U11236684

Amount:   -50.99

Currency: USD

Memo: Sent Payment 50.00 USD to account U11236684. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. New Deposit $50

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